Dry Ramen

Hello All!

Today I am going to let you guys in on a little secret.  This secret that is so delicious that you will be praising the lord for my sharing of this to you.  Especially, for you people who are simply super busy bees or can be very amateur when it comes to the kitchen.  This post goes out to all students (shout out to those who are college bound #college) and adults too.
So my secret… as you can guess with my “secret that is so delicious and especially when it comes to the kitchen”… has to deal with food.  A recipe, perhaps, that is super easy and simple, for it can literally be made in 5-7 minutes or less.
TODAY, My little chefs, I will be sharing with you the secret of creating the most bomb diggity and delicious DRY RAMEN.  (Dry cooked ramen)

Okay, so when you hear somebody eating “dry ramen” you think they are eating the ramen that is found in the bag “raw.”  Quotation marks around raw because the noodles aren’t really raw, they are fried to a crunchy consistency, which makes them cooked.
Thus, when I say “Dry cooked ramen,” what I really mean is that you are going to boil the ramen to a soft consistency, drain the noodles, and stir them up with a simple and delicious savory and sour seasoning that will make your taste buds go wow.  So “dry” in this case means that the ramen will be “cooked” (not crunchy but now soft) without any soup.  If you look at the photo above perhaps you understand what I mean.
P.S.  Maybe I am just over thinking the fact that you guys are under thinking what I am trying to say.
Moving along, to the actual main importance of this post, the ingredients you will need to make this delicious dry ramen are:
The main ingredients!

The main ingredients!

1. A package of ramen (or more than one if you know what I mean… cause ramen is just irresistible).
2. Some soy sauce (not the sushi soy sauce please.  It has to be the soy sauce that is solely savory)
3. Some white vinegar
4. Some sugar
6. Hoison Sauce if you want to add an even more sweet(ish) taste (this is the savory sauce used for Pho)
Other Ingredients to spice things up:
7. Fried onions (premade and can be bought at a local grocery store) (rec) or fresh green onions (rec)(either or)
8. A fried egg
9. Some cilantro (rec)
10. Some lettuce (rec), bean sprouts, and other greens
*** Throw away the seasoning for the ramen, all that MSG, salt, and other unhealthy powders are NOT needed for your body.  It defeats the purpose of the recipe if you use the seasoning.
The directions (please follow in this order cause too soggy and under cooked noodles are the worst):
1. Take a bowl and add 1/2 tablespoons of soy sauce, 1 tablespoon of white vinegar, and 1/2 a teaspoon of sugar.  Mix these ingredients together until most of the sugar has dissolved.  If the sugar doesn’t dissolve completely, its okay because the hot noodles when added will dissolve it.
2. Boil about 3-4 cups of water in a medium-sized pan from medium to high heat.
3. Take your ramen and THROW AWAY the seasoning.  DO NOT USE IT.  IT IS BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH.
4. When the water is to a boil, place the ramen in the pan so it can soften.
5. Use a utensil to swirl the ramen around so the ramen can soften evenly.
6. When softened to a good consistency, drain the water from the noodles using a drainer.  Shake the noodles in the drainer a bit to get all the excess water out.
7.  Place the ramen in your bowl with the mixed soy sauce, vinegar, and sugar and mix it around to get the flavoring throughout all noodles.
8.  Add in your fried onions or diced fresh green onions.
9. Mix it again.
10. Add in some greens and other vegetables if you would like.
11. Top it off with a fried egg.
12. Eat and enjoy!
P.S. You may also want to watch this video if you want to see how to make this ramen visually!
The recipe may seem a lot, but trust me, it is really simple and easy.  It is great if you need to get a quick meal in if you skipped lunch and need food pronto, or if you are just  lazy to make yourself food and need to eat something that is fast, easy, and most importantly tasty.
I wouldn’t recommend eating this ramen every day or even every single week even without the seasoning, for the ramen is deep fried in oil.  There is no harm, however, in making this meal every once in a while.
So voila, I just taught you how to make a bowl of dry noodles, similar to or even better than the $7-$8 bowls you can find at a Asian restaurant.
Annnndd…… your welcome.

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