TheThoughtJot Revamped!

Happy Sunday guys! So as many of you guys may or may not know, me, Danny, and another friendHa have created an animation channel on youtube called TheThought Jot. We recently took a very long hiatus in the delay of the videos but fear not! During this hiatus we have been diligently working on making a mass amount of videos in order to have one or two videos weekly. We call this the “Big Bang” because it’s going to be videos after videos after videos. I HIGHLY recommend you guys check out our channel and give us your support! We promise that you won’t regret it!

Youtube @

Facebook @ Jot cover photo   Let me explain to you guys what the “Big Bang” is and how it all got started. A problem that is the biggest nuisance for our project is our time management . The reason why we couldn’t start posting videos weekly on day 1 was because of how busy each of our schedule was. Whether it be sports, after school academics, or homework none of us could manage. Even on the weekends, we would be stuck doing mass amounts of homework, and leaving our project in the dust. HOWEVER, we came up with the idea as a group to hold off trying to make videos weekly and stressing ourselves out, and creating videos whenever we could. We would set a deadline of about at least 1 video a month and if not more because we want this project to be something that we could have fun with, not stress about. So far each of us has a video in the making or even completed. And it’s safe to say that we’re finally back on course! (Knock on wood) bigbang Another problem that we face is advertisement. Something that bothers us the most about advertising is being repetitive and saying the same things over and over again. From our perspective, is something constantly advertises the same thing over and over again I’d wouldn’t even pay attention to it anymore. It would literally go in one ear and out the other. It’s incredible hard coming up with way to advertise when there’s so much competition in the cartoon industry right now, so the only efficient option we have at the moment is through our Facebook friends! Positive updates

  1. Doubled our amounts of likes on our facebook page.
  2. Received feedback, advice, and comments from our friends.
  3. Back on track with video updates.
  4. Have a total about 6 videos completely done (most not posted yet).
  5. Become more comfortable and efficient when creating our animations.
  6. Time management isn’t as big of a deal as it was before.

One major change we made about our videos is the way we make them. Such as making them individually rather than as a group. We’re not saying that there won’t be anymore group videos with all of us in it, but just that there will be more individual posts rather than group posts. We decided to use this method as another way of coping with our horrible time management, and thus we found it more efficient. We feel that since everyone has a different animation style and mindset it would be pretty cool to see all the different ideas and skits that we each come up with. This would not only allow us to give each other constructive criticism, but give our channel a larger variety on what we produce. So in this case, it’s basically a win-win situation for us!   success   All in all we had our ups and downs and finally, HOPEFULL, we’ll be back on track continuing our streak of ups! Sorry for the long wait readers, but ThoughJot is finally back to do some work! Until next time!




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