Mysterious Love

One thing that always questions me is the feeling of love.  Love is so mysterious because it is a roller coaster of mixed emotions that “change” with time and actions.  Yet, with these “changes” the love one may have for somebody will always exist.  It may temporarily disappear with anger, but it will never vanish for eternity, as people tell me.


When somebody tells me, “I love you,” it seems so repetitive to the fact that the phrase does not hold its true significance anymore.  The other day, I was chatting with a friend and I cracked a joke that was apparently really funny.  My friend laughed and stated, “I love you.”  I guess my friend really meant “I love you,” but we weren’t really close.  We’ve only met a couple times, and I don’t know if those words were said randomly or out of kindness.  I sometimes fall into this trap too.  I can say “I love you” to the most random people who I’ve had some fun times with.  However, when I state the phrase I honestly do not know the reasons behind why I say it.  Did I say it out of generosity?  Or was it an impulse?  Or was it actually true?


According to Google, the definition of love is:

1. an intense feeling of deep affection

Just yesterday, I attended my cousin’s wedding.  When my cousin and her husband spoke their vows, all I could think was wow.  These two individuals are committing to each other for their whole entire life.  The thought actually scared me a bit, but I soon realized that my cousin was committing to another man because they understand, trust, respect, and support each other unconditionally.  They love each other, but not due to their “intense feelings of deep affection”, but through other important qualities that build the foundation of love.


Recently, an Ohio couple who had been married for 70 years, died hours apart.  Read about it here:

The same occurred with my cousin’s parents in law.  When my cousin’s mother in law passed away, her husband (my cousin’s father in law) passed away days after.  More “technical” people say such occurs due to the other spouse’s grief, while other “spiritual” individuals state that because the two people strongly love one another, they can never be separated.


Then, there is the love found through family.  This love is found through the same blood, but expressed in different ways than another of a different blood.  This love is built on growing up together, and it ultimately leads to the countless memories and experiences that build the foundations of love and love itself.  The same applies to the love one may have for another non-blood related person.  But in a way, the love for family and the love for a friend is different.  I do not know how to explain this difference, but I know through feelings and emotions that a variation exists.


I guess that is what makes Love so mysterious.





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