Spring break? or Nawwww

WOOO HOOO!!! Spring break has finally hit us at our school and as exciting as that sounds, for some students its not so bright 😦 Homework, projects, and reports are given to certain students as work over spring break which totally kills the vibe. Something that I don’t quite understand about teachers is the way they use our vacation time to keep working on more work. I know that it’s a method for students to not “lose” the given information they receive before break, but there’s always that gruesome week after break to continue on with our learning. Spring break is suppose to be a relief of breathe for students, not bane to our existence.

spring break

The main reason why I am ranting about this on my post is because, unfortunately, I am a victim to this dilemma. The worst part of it is, is that my procrastination and stress level has both increased by a vast amount due to this so called “spring break.”

Coming from a student who’s in this situation, it doesn’t really feel like spring break personally. It just feels like another long week of school but at home doing work. The worst part about this is that all my friends are out having the time of their lives while I’m stuck here begging for this break to be over already.  I know that teachers do this because they care about us and having some homework over break is quite understandable, but piling projects over reports over homework over studying can be overwhelming at times.



  • Plan out which days you’re going to get your assignments done
  • Wake up early to do part of your homework, this will not only save you from daytime procrastination but gives you more time during the day to have fun once you finish.
  • Do not overwhelm yourself! Remember that there is 24 hours in a day!
  • Make a check list of all of your assignments (crossing out an assignment once you finished IS the best feeling ever)
  • Take breaks! What’s the point in doing an assignment when your brain could barely function?
  • listen to music to calm yourself from the wretched homework
  • Focus, set goals for each homework assignments (finishing before noon, finishing after a meal, etc…)
  • If you have nothing planned for the first few days, make plans for homework.

Well these are just my personal tips! If you want some real professional tips read about it here: http://www.wikihow.com/Handle-a-Lot-of-Homework-over-Winter-Break-and-Still-Have-a-Good-Time

Ironically enough, these blog posts are considered “homework” but really this kind of homework is something that I enjoy truly! Thanks readers for listening/reading to me rant about the struggles of being a student.

Until next time!






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