At times, on days when I feel extra emotional, I feel very lonely.  I am not sure where this loneliness is derived from; it sort of just jumps out every once in a while.  And it is these days, when I become very secluded, quiet, and tired?  It is not depression, no.  Because everyone feels loneliness at least once, and possibly every once in a while, in his or her lifetime.  Am I right?


What’s ironic is the fact that at these times, I have greater urges to go out, enjoy nature, and have fun.  Yet, these “great” urges are never enough for me to put down my phone (as I engage in the joyous lives of my “friends” on Twitter and Insta and the lives of YouTube stars) and get out of my bed to get dressed.  But you know what?  From today on, these lonely days will no longer cease to exist in my life, and they should not cease to exist in your life.  You and me, let’s make a pact.  We must promise each other that loneliness is no longer on our agenda, that we will take the initiative and make our lives more adventurous.

That’s the phrase: More Adventurous.


Recently I finally watched the hit 1976 film, Rocky.  Although, I did  not understand a couple parts of the movie because I couldn’t understand the accents going around (and there were no subtitles), I did gain one important message that will stick to my life.  And that message is to set goals for yourself, even if you think they are unattainable.  Reread the second part of the message: even if you think they are unattainable.   Rocky went from a club fighter to battling at the championships.  Even though this was partly handed to Rocky, he still gave his all- through the famous running scene and boxing with hanging meat- to achieve his goal of giving his all and pulling through in the ring.  He wanted to “go the distance.”

One of my favorite scenes from Rocky 1976

This all ties into the fact that one should live to his or her utmost potential, and enjoy life on a greater level… on a level of adventure.  And with that, truly, the true meaning of life and enjoyment will come.


If there is one thing I want to tell you right now, it would be:

“If you know what you’re worth, then go out and get what you’re worth. But you gotta be willing to take the hits and not pointin’ fingers saying you ain’t where you wanna be because of him, her, or anybody!” 

-Rocky 1976





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