It’s Too Hot for Soup

Life is a full package.  It comes with the bad, the good, and that all can be sealed with a simple box and some tape.  But when the package is mailed and opened, all the bad and good come bursting out, skipping from here to there, to be used.


But, this cycle is too short.  It is too short for one to ignore the things that really make him or her happy.  It is too short for the fine and grave to be only used.  These things need to be shared and read.  Limitations and excuses need to scurry away.  And the sole purpose of living should be focused on making yourself happy.


So, no, it is not too hot for soup.  You should slurp your soup whenever you want, even if it is 100 scorching degrees out.  If soup makes you happy, then so be it.  Just do it because in the end, you are you and whatever people say doesn’t matter.


I am personally targeting this post to somebody I know and I hope one day this person will read this.  Alongside, this is what I would also like to say to you:

I am sorry that I sometimes take you for granted.  I am sorry that I don’t always appreciate what you do.  I want you to know what is really on my mind, and I want you to know that I am thankful and that I love you very much.

Most importantly, I want you to know that you are the most strong person I know.  I know such times may be rough, but I want you to know the importance of looking on the brighter side of things.  Just look to your left and look to the rising sun.  Appreciate the happiness that this world offers and forget everything else.  Don’t let the troubles manipulate you to become docile and fragile.  Let the troubles build yourself, and let them make you stronger.





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