Brain Chip

I remember one day in 7th grade when I was taking an oral quiz given in my 5th period Computers elective class.  The very last question my teacher asked was true or false.  He stated, “True or False… A computer is smarter than your brain.”  On my paper, line number 10, I wrote true for  I really believed that a tiny computer chip was more intelligent than me.  My answer was incorrect, and I got minus one point on that quiz.

But, four years later, the possibility of a computer chip to be similar to the human brain exists.  This chip is called the “Neurogrid.”


The Neurogrid,  “could open up windows into understanding the human brain and developing new forms of computing patterned after brain circuits… It consists of 16 custom-designed Neurocore chips in a device the size of an iPad, which can simulate 1 million neurons and billions of synapses, or brain connections. That’s a vast improvement over previous brain simulations, but still only a fraction of the roughly 80 billion neurons in a human brain.”

Read more about it here:

The development of this microchip is truly astonishing, even though one may have predicted its possibility with the cutting edge technological advances.  This is one of those things where one may think it could happen but never really trusted the instinct that it would happen.


The brain is an impressive organ.  It controls body movements, thought processes, and basically everything that enables most living things to be living things.  The brain is the powerhouse of all things.  This Neurogrid is not completely equivalent to the human brain, as stated above.  It is possible, however, that one day in the future there will be a microchip with all the capabilities of a brain, as I assume.  And it is possible that the microchip may be even more intelligent.

Let’s just hope that that microchip will only be put to good use.  Innovation is truly impressive.





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