Above and Beyond

Completing something is an accomplishment. An accomplishment in which you have worked so hard for and finally you reached your goal. Done. But what about those who seek an above and beyond goal? This goal is known as the “extra mile” as most scholars call it. I found this quote that seems to speak about who those people are. People who take the risk and live in hell for that extra mile.

“Heroes have a rough time because they stand up when they ought not to, they speak when they ought not to; they always have to go that extra mile.”

-George Foreman


These peoples are the heroes to against the villains, the fighters among opponents, the believers from the non-believers, the underdogs, these are who the true heroes are. Going that extra mile isn’t just about living on the edge and doing something completely radical because THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT IT IS. Not being afraid to take that first step into the cold water. Doing the impossible with doubters and haters on your back. This is going the extra mile.


A goal is set to a standard in which you decide to set it in. “The sky is your limit,” is what my English teacher constantly¬†tells us. He never gives us rubrics nor does he sets a limit. This allows us to expand and explore as much as we want and with the exploration given to us, we are able to go to that extra mile. Opportunity allows us to go that extra mile, and that’s when we need to take advantage of it. Here are the ingredients in which you need to reach that extra mile.

1) An opportunity

2) The courage

3) The acceptance of failure

4) The distance

5) The extra mile

The extra mile isn’t meant for everyone as stated previously. Sometimes going that extra mile may seem so foolish enough that there isn’t a point, but you never will know until you find out. The extra mile is a risk and that’s basically what is all is, a risk.

For some odd reason, I think that a great example of going above and beyond is the one and only Buzz Lightyear. It may sound weird but hear me out. He’s a toy who believes is the Head of the Galactic Alliance of Star Command who has a sworn duty of defeating the evil emperor Zurg. Being a toy doesn’t stop him from doing what he is suppose to do. In fact, to him there are no limits to what HE CAN DO. He does the beyond by not only defeating Zurg, but as well as saving his friends from the evils that devour them in. As Buzz Lightyear quotes, “TO INFINITY AND BEYOND!”


Until Next time readers!





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