Listening quiets words

I don’t ask for much, I don’t do much, nor do I say much. All I do is listen and think. Thinking through the sounds of all my classmates chattering with their highly intelligent mind. No chances are given, no words to describe how I feel every single day in a class full of awkwardness and fear. Maybe it’s me, being afraid of taking a risk. Risking my shaking daunting legs, quivering mouth to speak a sound. I can’t, I just can’t. I have been so insecure to a point in which I am known as the weakest link of the chain. Trying to make someone proud only makes things worse. I wait until that bell hit’s at exactly 11:13 p.m. Then I am finally free. Free to give myself into the world that surrounds me with comfort. To allow myself to be myself and express myself in my own choice of words. No competition, no barriers, no stress, no judgement  just words. my words.



While I cannot express myself in this room, I shall use the power of writing to express myself to the even greater room.













Sorry for the bummed out poem style of writing. Something just really hit me today.




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