Doggie Power

Fluffy, playful, snuggly, loving, and loyal; these adjectives give the perfect description of all of this, if not most, animal we would like to call a dog.  Dogs may be super annoying at times with constant barking and the time to times sights of restroom duty occurring on your nicely clean carpet, but they have the most remarkable qualities that enable them to grow a great emotional attachment to his or her owner.  Not only can dogs improve the lives of their owners, but they now have the ability to protect the lives of millions of people, that is, from cancer.  Yes, cancer.


According to a recent study by  Gian Luigi Taverna of the Humanitas Research Hospital in Milan, Taverna discovered the fact that dogs can detect prostate cancer through their smell.  When exposed to one’s breath or urine sample, the dogs can sniff the scents and determine whether an individual is at risk.  How are they able to sniff the cancer?  According to Discover Magazine, dogs’ noses have four times the number of “ofractory” (or scent sensitive) cells than humans.  This remarkable characteristic makes dogs more prone to detecting the scents emitted from tumors.


To read more about the study visit these websites:


To some people, dogs are equivalent to the average animal.  To others, dogs may be regarded to be equivalent to humans- which is more likely for dogs because dogs who are included in families occasionally are regarded as a family member; a real family member.  Dogs have great capabilities that better the people of the world.  They are loving and intelligent; and through them, they bring the connection to the gap between society and many.

Bringing back this video; watch it if you haven’t yet:

Like many things in this world, dogs have a reason for living.  Dogs give people feeling and emotion.  They give many a purpose for being.  They teach many people about being human.  They are compassionate.  They are wise.  Dogs will better the world, and it is through this cancer study that further displays their significance.  They fill the gap.

 What’s ‘gaps’?

I dunno, she’s got gaps, I got gaps, together we fill gaps.

-Rocky 1976





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