It’s a Passion

What does skateboarding mean to me? Skateboarding just simply means life to me. My life would not be the same without skateboarding because it’s not just a hobby to me, it’s a passion. Skateboarding has brought me a different type of experience to my life. For the good and the bad. Skateboarding allows me to me express myself in a way in which I cannot express myself through any sort of sport or club. It has allowed me to connect and meet new friends that I could truly express who I really am around.  Skateboarding is the sigh of relief after taking a huge exam, the warm feeling on a summer day, the first lick of an ice cream cone. It’s something that my friends and I constantly talk about without ever getting the slightest hint of boredom with it. Skating is something that’s constantly on my mind. It allows me to become free with nothing on my mind. It allows me to see the world around me with a different perspective. The world problems around me becomes completely non-existence. It has pushed me to become a harder worker and made me more passionate about the things I love doing in life. Without skateboarding, I wouldn’t be the same person as I am today. Skateboarding to me is life.

skateboarding 1

Most of the time, people assume that all skateboarders are delinquents and low-life morons. However, I beg to differ. Skateboarding is an art in which most people, but skaters, see. Most people see a typical handrail connected to a set of stairs and think about nothing more than to walk up and down it. A skateboarder however, sees this as an opportunity to overcome said obstacle.A skateboarder’s mind work as if an artist is creating a picture with a paintbrush, but instead all they have is their skateboards.  Skateboarders aren’t delinquents or low-life morons, but opportunists. skateboarding3

Skateboarding to most people seems to be something that you can do on the weekends or whenever you are hanging out with friends. But as stated before skateboarding has endless range possibilities. Becoming pro can be a dream to some people,but with enough effort, time and  commitment it can become a reality. Recently, my friend got sponsored by a local clothing company which gnarly. He does what he loves and gets free clothing from a company who has high hopes in him. To me that’s insane. And I could not imagine what is going through his mind right now. This has pushed me to become a better skater myself. Through the rough falls, bruises, scratches, police interactions, and doubters my passion for skateboarding only increases. My relationship for skateboarding is simply love-hate.

skateboarding slam

Skateboarding is not just a personally hobby, but a way of connecting yourself to the skateboarding branch community. Like I said before, I met some of my closest friends through skateboarding and honestly, without skateboarding, I don’t even think we’d even have the slightest clue to who each of us were. We would be just strangers. Skateboarding has allowed me to pursue friends that I can rely on without a doubt. Friends who continue to motivate me and support me whenever push comes to shove. I have grown in the sense of maturity and respect for the skateboarding community. Without my friends, I honestly don’t think that I would be as passionate about what I love, skating.




I can say with great confidence that the best thing in my life that I’ve ever experienced would be skateboarding.




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