Music to my Ears

As humans music is an essential and powerful part of our life, it can move hearts and bring a smile, and from the simple “Happy Birthday” song to a classical Beethoven style of music all forms of music can affect our emotions.

We hear music everyday of our lives, from our car radios to the two minute commercials on our TV there is music all around is whether or not we choose to listen to it. In this blog I hope to show you why music can be considered one of the best parts of life.

1. It’s everywhere

From our radio stations to simple tunes and jingles from commercials music is something we hear everyday and the only way to truly avoid music is to grab your bags and move out into the wilderness because let’s admit it, everyone has hummed a tune before, or sung in the shower, and sang a simple “Happy Birthday” at least once in their lives and that is due to the extraordinarily simple fact that without music our life would be thrown into a monotone dimension without emotion or feeling, and let’s face it, our life would be boring.

2. It reflects our culture

Like I mentioned before music is all around us and the shear power of it has impacted our lives in almost every single way. A major impact is on our culture, being Vietnamese I have already experienced an entirely different version of music than the music that would ultimately be considered “American”, but having different music is a main part of what separates the different cultures of the world because these different types of music display unique styles that are special to each culture in its own way and truly define that culture.

3. It is in our Religion

Not everyone is religious and that is perfectly okay, but it’s extremely hard to deny that music is not also a major factor in Religion, in the bible there is an entire section dedicated to song, and as a Christian I have personally studied that to communicate with God a major way to achieve that is to sing in worship. And that in itself has already shown music to be an important part of our lives knowing that an entire religion is affected by music alone.

4. It affects our emotion

This will be my last point but also my most important. Much like literature songs tell a story, based on the skill or direction of the artist the “story” can either be at a simple surface level standard or show a deeper and more extensive meaning such as the novels “Night” or “The Count of Monte Cristo”. While some songs or “books” would be purely for entertainment, others desire to convey a personal opinion of the artist or express a life lesson that the author wishes to teach the reader. Much like stories a truly meaningful song would be able to affect our emotion while telling a story at the same time to truly immerse a listener in what the artist was feeling as well the song that I believe best displays this is Sam Cooke’s ” A Change is Gonna Come” because not only the lyrics of the song but actually how he sings it which reflects the emotion that he really felt. I remember that earlier in my school year I watched a TedEx where a musician showed the crowd how a song was telling a story without words and that is precisely what a song should be able to do, to make a listener feel sadness or happiness so that they can feel what the artist is feeling in the song. And even more on this point is that certain songs reflect different emotions in our minds, for example, no one feels sad when they sing happy birthday because the song is meant to represent joy, and no one bursts out laughing when someone sings the national anthem because it reflects pride in our country.

Overall these four short points are why music can be considered one of the best parts of our life because so much can come from music through culture and emotion. A major inspiration for this blog was the story of ” The Giver” by Lois Lowry where at the end the last thing that The Giver finally gives Jonas are the memories of music which ultimately drives Jonas the entire route of his escape, this event is what expressed how uplifting a simple song or tune can be. So hopefully you as the reader will have learned something from this blog and thank you all so much for taking the time to read our blogs this entire year that this blog has been up and running, this will be my last blog unfortunately so I’d like to thank you all for the support along the road. Maybe I will return to write more blogs for ViralNews4you but for now this will be my personal farewell blog.

Signing for the last time,



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