The [Avoidable] vs. Unavoidable

There is one word that will always catch the attention of any high school teenager.  This word, is sleep: the zzzz that we teenagers should be dozing off into every night for a full 8 hours.  It is sort of ironic, is it not?  Teenagers should be getting all the sleep the possibly can so they can be prepared for the academics and extracurricular activities that are in store the next day.  Yet most teenagers live off of  Starbucks frappuccinos that accompany them with the 10 page essay(s) and loads of pH and pOH equations during late nights; resulting from about 6 to 3 hours max of sleeping.  And oh boy, don’t even get me started on college (which I’m sure is worse).

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With sleep, there are two categories: the avoidable and the unavoidable.

The avoidable- This is the sleep deprivation caused by procrastination and bad time management.  Two week long projects are completed on the nights before they are due, assignments expected to be completed each day but collected in packets at the end of each week are all rushed to be completed the Thursday before, and last minute plans and events drain the energy out of humans.  For you pro-procrastinators, all of the three are completed on the morning of.   This way of life is extremely stressful and does not even produce the most successful work (unless you are a magical unicorn who has perfected the skills of procrastination). Everybody whom I have encountered has been a victim of this.

How to avoid the avoidable:

If something is avoidable, that means that one may avoid that thing.  The avoidable may be avoided.  Hence, procrastination may be avoided.  It may be avoided in a fairly simple way.

“M-a-n-a-g-e…..    y-o-u-r….   t-i-m-e,” I whisper into your ear.

Life is only so short, so make use of the time given to you.  Rather than watching the whole seasons of How I Met Your Mother on Netflix, perhaps you should take the hours from those 12 episodes and transition them into hours spent in completing tasks.  This way, the amount of stress will decrease and the amount of sleep you will receive would increase immensely.


I read an article regarding sleep on Time.  Titled, It’s Time to Pay Attention to Sleep, the New Health Frontier, this article outlined how sleep is extremely crucial for a healthy lifestyle.  Deprived sleep increases risks of diabetes, heart disease, and depression.

Read about it here:


Now, for the tricky part: the unavoidable.  Want to know what the unavoidable is?  Stay tuned for the next post!

[blog post will be continued in another blog post]






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