Let’s not fight. Let’s BRAWL!!



If you get what movie the picture is from let me just say right now that you’re awesome, if you don’t get it, you’re still awesome. Anyways, recently my class began a new activity that would replace the original socratic seminar that most high school students end up taking part in at their English class during the time that they are required to read a certain book given by the school. Generally these seminars consist of an awkward gathering of students where they would discuss questions concerning the book they would be reading, however as many of you guys may know this usually ends up in a handful of students dominating the discussion while other students would be too shy or wouldn’t get the chance to make a statement of their own. However, my teacher ,who is somewhat of a mad scientist, created the BRAWL. This was designed by him as a way to allow students to work in teams in a competitive environment and also allow them to formulate their own questions to answer, this method would then remove the awkward atmosphere and give all students an equal chance to score points for their team.



Personally I feel that Brawling is a far better system than the regular Socratic Seminars because it contains a set list of questions rather than a small set of questions where other students will stray away from which would then waste the hours of work I put into formulating a well written list of answers that I made the night before so that I wouldn’t look like a fool in class and be forever mocked by my peers for years to come. Okay maybe it’s not that intense but through the brawl I don’t need to worry about another person “stealing” the answer to a question and also I can be better prepared since I don’t have to deal with formulating a split-second response to a student’s statement that I did not realize myself in the book. Overall I believe this new system of Brawling is superior to the socratic seminar due to the equality of its system and hopefully your class will someday take on a BRAWL of its own!




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