Star-Crossed Kitchen Fundrais(uccess)er

As many of you may know, I began a mini “organization” called Star-Crossed Kitchen with my older sister about 6 months ago.  If you did not know of such thing, you may learn about it in a blog post I wrote earlier here.

In the blog post, I stated that my second semester focus would be on finding locations for donations and enabling people to sample the recipes.  This past Saturday, on March 29, 2014, Star-Crossed Kitchen held its very first “tasting” at a Ralph’s grocers.  And let me tell you this, it was a great success.

Our little booth!

Our little booth!

The recipe we planned on sampling was our very own Tarturro pastry.  A tarturro is a combination of a fruit tart and a churro.  A churro dough is shaped into a mini bowl shape and fried to the perfect consistency.  The churro dough is then rolled in a crystal sugar and cinnamon mix.  A spoon of vanilla custard is then placed inside the “bowl” and a variety of fresh fruits top off the pastry.  The pastry was a perfect treat for the new spring 2014 season, as you may see in the photo below.


My sister and I woke up at 8 in the morning to prepare for the exciting day awaiting us.  We made the churro dough the night before and on that Saturday morning, we prepared the tarturro bowls.  It was an absolute mess.  Flour was everywhere in the kitchen for the churro dough was extremely sticky; sticking to the table, layout boards, and our very own hands.  Three hours down, all the bowls had been handily crafted and ready to be fried.


Whilst my sister fried the tarturro shells, I cut up the variety of fruits, consisting of strawberries, blueberries, peaches, and kiwis, into miniature pieces and refrigerated them.

After, my friend Nicole came over and she prepared the vanilla custard.  The custard was creamy and to the perfect, light consistency.  Not too sweet to overpower the fruits and shell; not too bland to have the custard taste like nothing.

Once we finished preparing the components of the tarturro, we went to the grocery store and set up our little table with our poster, information card(s), the donation jar, and of course, the tarturros.

People walking in and out of the supermarket would stop by our booth, either instinctively or from us advertising, asking us information about the pastry, the reasons for fundraising, and the cause.  It was a joyful delight.  I still remember our very first customer- he was a jolly and generous man.  Many enjoyed the exotic pastry.  A young girl even asked for our information card because she was considering using our recipe for her upcoming birthday party.

The whole day was a great experience and everyone was especially kind.  Some people did ignore us, but it’s okay because I understand they may have been busy with other things.  For those people who did stop by our table, I would like to thank them for their interest.

If there is one thing I learned from this experience, it is the fact that giving back to the community is a great feeling.  I have never felt so happy and proud.  We raised exactly $65.00 from our grocery store table and with my grandma’s $40.00 donation, it totals to $105.00 that will be going to the Youth Gang Prevention part of the Community Service Program in Orange County.


I will definitely continue with these fundraisers and hope that one day, you guys can come, visit our table, and share the Star-Crossed Journey with us face to face.




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