Happy Birthday Sean Severson

To Sean Severson and all who have faced/are in suffering:



Death is a part of life.  Everyone knows it.  But what seems unfair is the fact that some people have their lives taken away in such an instant… at such young ages.  Why is this so?  How come some individuals who have a whole world ahead of them… all those opportunities.  How can one so youthful and lively, who could have contributed greatly to the world, have his or her life taken away.  Is it our carelessness?  Is it the fact that life has problems and situations that lead to carelessness?  How come we only notice a person once he or she is gone?  How come.  How come.

People need to appreciate all around them.  I just want to unite all people… I do not know how, but I want to bring this world into a better place and care for everybody to the best of my ability.  All the suffering in the world… not just deaths but everything.  Suffering seems to exist inevitably, and I understand that.  If there is no such suffering in the world, I guess only peace would exist  and life would be bliss.  But without suffering, the personality and diversity of people may vanish.  Perhaps the cruel side will disappear, which is not bad at all.  But we all know that will never happen.  We know that all people can not be peaceful, considerate, and loving to everybody.  Because of that, the negativity, violence, and suffering in this world will always exist.  World peace is not attainable, but oh how I wish it was.

I pray to Sean’s family.  I pray to all those who have loved and known him for comfort and reassurance that everything will be okay.  I want Sean’s friends and families to know that people are here to help them get through this difficult time.  I will always continue praying, and I know Sean is in a peaceful state now that he has passed away.

I would also like to wish Sean a wonderful birthday today.  To 16 years and forevermore.

photo 1





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