The first 8

Recently, it feels like all that is surrounding me are goodbyes. People are walking out, ignorance is prevailing, and all that seems to be left is the feeling of desolation within me. Sometimes I feel neutral to what is happening, but that empty, missing feeling is always lurking inside of me.


I hate saying goodbye because my body always has that gut feeling I will not see that person again. It worries and scares me because life is unpredictable and one may never know what the next few seconds, minutes, hours, and days have in store.

Therefore, my readers, I am here to show you the importance of making use of your time to the best extent I possibly can. I, myself, honestly do not do all the things I am about to list… this list will be a “type and wing” situation. But hey, what better person to learn from than yourself?


1. Smile every morning. Wake up with a smile on your face to start the day right. Bad days start with frowns; good days with smiles.

2. Show appreciation for all that you are thankful for. Don’t conceal it, feel it. The more you appreciate the wonders that life has to offer, the more thoughtful and knowledgeable you will become.

3. Start the day with a morning exercise. I know some of you may be thinking, “there is no way in heck I am going to exercise over sleep.” However, exercising gets the day going, helps you become and feel more productive, and keep you healthy. 10 jumping jacks every morning- it isn’t that bad… right?


4. Say I love you to at least one different person every day. Show the people you love you care. And if you run out of people whom you love, repeat the process.

5. Have fun. Laughing has been proven to increase one’s lifespan. Hence, showing the great significance in enjoyment and adventure.

6.Stay positive and patient. Everything has a stressful side to it. The best way to overcome such problems is to be optimistic. I know there will come situations where you have reached the dead end. There is absolutely nothing wrong with mourning and tears, but all said and done the time to move on will come and when it comes, you must understand that you must move on.

7.Be kind. Kindness should be practiced by all at all times. Surprisingly enough, this will actually be my greatest struggle mainly when I’m stressed. This especially applies to when I argue with my siblings and sometimes cousins, and after every argument I am always remorseful because anything in life should not have to end like so. I guess this ties in with #6 because positivism, patience, and kindness all tie together in a perfect knot.


8. Never say goodbye, only see you later. This way there is reassurance that another encounter will occur. Reassurance gives hope.

Therefore readers, I hope all of you will take into account the list above.  I know I will be and hope that each action will impact your life and those surrounding you in one way or the other, for you will never know what life will hand you… so make the best of every moment.



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