It’s Finally Here!!

As you guys may know, that march is a time of spring, beauty,, grace, and basketball. That’s right guys, March Madness is finally here. Even though it may not be the biggest event worldwide, but the basketball is definitely a must watch. I found this video online while I was watching the previous years of March Madness, and wow did this really pump me up. You guys just have to watch this for yourself to see what I’m talking about.

I’m going to try to keep this post as short as possible because I know that some of you guys out there aren’t as such as a basketball fanatic as I am. It’s really awesome seeing players compete in college and basically giving them the opportunity to experience what’s it like in the NBA. I know that it’s a whole stretch from college ball to the NBA, but the experience is still great.

All in all, I hope that these players are as pumped up as I am or hopefully even more! I feel like this year, March Madness is going to be out of this world! I wish all players the best! A little fun fact for you readers out there, but I recently found out that my math teacher is going to be a referee for March Madness! How insane is that! I guess that people don’t always seem to be who they really are.

Until next time readers!




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