Hear that? Death’s knocking

wwi soldier picture

WWI soldiers waiting in a trench

World War 1 also known as “the war to end all wars”  was the first war of its kind. New technology such as the machine gun and artillery shelled razed the battlefield. A trench warfare system was created  just for this war also.  This was very bad to the soldiers of this war. They experienced the horrors of poison gas, artillery shells, and the unending hail of machine gun bullets for nothing. The whole war was basically a stalemate until the USA came as they turned the tide of the war.

all quiet

A book that I have read recounting the war was “All Quiet on the Western Front”. It shows how the soldiers lives were during this god forsaken war. The main character is on the German side of the war. Paul (the main character) enlists in the war right after school with his friends after his teacher encourages him to and he becomes a veteran quickly.  He doesn’t know what he’s fighting for at all as the war is just an never ending stalemate. His comrades, friends, die left and right die all over and he doesn’t know what to do. The horrors of this war shown in the book with such precise detail that you will feel uneasy for quiet a while.  It was a book that reflected with disgust with the war.

The book showed what the “lost generation” had to deal with during the war. They were the young people who lacked deep convictions.  After the war, they changed society. Jazz became more famous, woman rejected their old ways to find exciting freedom. This made the world go into a transition from an organized, planned life to a life filled with freedom.

Overall I personally thought the book was very good. It never failed to bore me (maybe because I love history) . It’s a great read if you have the time and you will feel something tick in you after reading it. Have fun reading it!






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