Creativity on a Whole New Level!

So I recently saw this video about making “Fresh Guacamole.” But there’s a twist! None of the ingredients used here is even eatable. But wait how would you even consider this food then? Watch the video and find out for yourself!

I know that this isn’t very “recent” news but I just had to share this with you guys. This video may be simple, but it really inspired me to be more creative and see things from a different perspective. Sometimes the most simple things in life hits you the hardest. And due to the simpleness of this film, it was the 2013 Academy Award Nominated film by PES. Fresh Guacamole is the shortest film ever nominated for an Oscar. It’s crazy how this video brought out the true truth about quality over quantity. From now on, I shall focus more on just that in my everyday work. Whether it’s from presenting the best piece of dish to doing my homework to my bestest ability it shall be done. PES actually does have another video similar to this one called, “Western Spaghetti” but I personally prefer guacamole over spaghetti 🙂


Just a little life lesson from my perspective here. I’m not saying that quality over quantity is necessarily always absolutely correct, but it could be at times. Sometimes being a bit more persistence than giving your all a good thing at times and could be a great thing when mixed together. Being creative is all about figuring yourself out. Finding out what your best QUALITIES are through your trial and errors of QUANTITY. I’m just going to end this here before it gets any more sappy than it already is.

Until next time guys!




5 thoughts on “Creativity on a Whole New Level!

  1. This is awesome! The video is so eccentric and unique.. May I ask how you found it? I would really like to see more short films like these! I’ll definitely be writing about this on my blog. 🙂
    P.S. Thanks for getting me addicted to PES videos!

  2. That video was REALLY, REALLY cool! I literally just shared it with a bunch of my friends. I also loved what you said about quality over quantity. Sometimes the best things done in life are simple, short, and sweet; making them the most memorable too.

  3. I am so happy to have seen that video, thanks for posting!
    And yes, I agree that quality is superior to quantity, as is displayed here. This video is so simple, yet complex in how it was executed. I love it!
    Keep posting, my friend~

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