Let’s Make a Difference

So about a week ago, my English teacher showed the class this video about this teenager, Jake Andraka, who developed an early detection test for pancreatic cancer that’s super cheap, effective and non-invasive. This completely blew my mind and made me realize that anyone can make a difference. A teen, about my age, is winning awards, giving TED talks, and proving adults wrong, by making a difference through their own ideas. All I could really say is wow, and if you guys don’t believe me then have a look here for yourselves.

What drove Jake to his success was the not fame, not the money, not the glory, but his family specifically his uncle who has passed away from pancreatic cancer. Jake is so passionate and enthusiastic about giving other family members the chance to save a life of their loved ones that it’s unbelievable. Through thick and thin, he conquered and defeated his obstacles. His efforts and inspiration inspired me to continue to work as hard as I can no matter what the odds are. It’s still unreal how much of an impact he created in the medical community.

“This kid is the Edison of our times. There are going to be a lot of light bulbs coming from him”

Dr. Anirban Maitra, Johns Hopkins University, The Baltimore Sun 5/24/2012

What the point is that I am trying to make is that, anyone can make a difference. I know you’ve heard that repetitive quotes countless of times, but it’s repetitive because it’s absolutely 100% true. Jake wasn’t the class genius in school, but through hard work, researching, and commitment he was able to become the 2012 Intel Innovator.

Hope for the best readers!





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