Valentine’s Day Perspectives

Hey wonderful readers! So as you guys know it’s that time of month for love, giving, and most importantly chocolates! It’s Valentine’s Day! However, to all of you single people out there (like me) I hope you aren’t dreading this day, crying in a dark little corner but going out and having fun with your friends! I personally wanted to know what girls and guys thought about Valentine’s Day. Obviously, I’m not a girl (at least I hope I’m not) so I’ve asked another member of our group Naomi to come and tell us about her perspective about Valentine’s Day!


CHRIS-So here’s a my perspective on Valentine’s Day. IT’S JUST LIKE ANY OTHER DAY! Personally, I’d rather celebrate Valentine’s Day with my family and friends rather than with one other person. I mean, celebrating your love with a bunch of people is better than just one person right? Instead of spending a bunch of money just to impress someone and show them how much you love them, how about instead spend time with your family and friends and doing something you’ll both enjoy. Valentine’s Day to most people are full of peer pressure and stress. Seeing how much their gift is going to be better than your best friend’s gift. I won’t be doing none of that this year.This Valentine’s Day I plan to skate with a couple of my friends and come home to spend some time with my family! The two things that I love most about Valentine’s Day is the quality time with my loved ones and the FOOD! I guess that’s the only plus side to Valentine’s Day besides that. Valentine’s Day isn’t about getting that last minute gift ,lying that you got it like a month ago, but being grateful towards your loved ones. Who needs relationships when you’ve got family, friends, skateboards, and food?! The one thing that I still don’t understand about Valentine’s Day is about being someone’s Valentine. I honestly, have no idea if that means being someones “other half” or just being that someone who will be loved for for just a day…


Naomi- Valentine’s Day… when I think of this holiday I get excited. All the rich chocolates, sweet smelling flowers, and cuddly teddy bears make me feel super bubbly. Although I am not in a relationship, the thought of Valentine’s Day and seeing my peers receiving and handing out treats make me enthusiastic. I remember Valentine’s in elementary school -each student would bring thirty or so cards and treats and deliver them to class made “mailboxes.” Receiving those Valentine themed chocolates, heart shaped sweethearts, and funny Spongebob cards were always a joy that I looked forward to every single year.  As time progresses, I do feel as if Valentine’s has become more focused on people cuddling and doing all these hearty shenanigans. All this love makes me feel nauseous at times, but I don’t want to be a hypocrite because I sincerely do believe all the lovey dovey stuff is absolutely adorable (to a point not too cheesy yet cheesy at the same time).

Aside from the treats, Valentines Day, is the day of sharing love with not only your significant other but also, as Chris stated above, to your family members and friends. Although my family does not have a Valentine’s Day tradition and rarely celebrate this holiday, I still know that each and every person in my household loves each other dearly. Valentine’s Day is fun; I enjoy it especially when hanging out with the people who share an unconditional love with you.  It is a day of bliss and love for all individuals. So all should embrace the love we have to share, and just enjoy it!



Chris and Naomi


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