Reds, Pinks, and Greens

Okay so Valentine’s Day is coming in per say 3 days?  So how do you plan that one evening with that special someone?  Well for one, if you happen to reside in Manhattan, you can order a meal well over thousands of dollars to share with your significant other.


30,000 dollars to be exact.  This meal is being offered at Pera Mediterranean Brasserie on Madison Ave in Manhattan, New York.  The meal composes of delicate and “exquisite” foods ranging from royal caviar to an edible 24-carat gold leaf.


This 30,000 dollar deal not only includes a special 5 course meal but also:

  1. Being serenaded in a private room (ie perfect time for the big question to pop ;))
  2. A deluxe room at the Ritz Carlton in New York
  3. A cab ride with champagne and cronuts the morning after
  4. And the best part- a $5000 Tiffany and Co. shopping spree (although $5000 could get you a decent necklace with little diamonds)

If this interests you, read more about it here!


Yeah, all this money seems ridiculous.  But the main part of this special event is the fact that one special couple will be spending this special evening embracing their founded love for each other.

If one were to take me on this grand event, I would be shocked and enjoy it, absolutely.  But to me, the most important aspect of Valentine’s Day and love is the sentiment of love.  Not the money.  Not the diamonds.  Not the Rolls Royce.  Love should be priceless.  And if one really cares about his or her soul-mate, money should be the least of his or her  issues.

Love is sentimental.

Which brings me to the point: a Valentine’s gift does not have to extraordinarily grand.  The best gift one can offer to another is the gift of knowing.  The more you know a person, the more meaningful a gift becomes.  So for those of you out there who are stuck in a rut about what to get your Valentine this holiday, I suggest you go on a date in which you guys can get to know another.  Do something exciting; learn something; and with that, an amazing day and memory would be born.

For those of you who have no significant other at the moment, here is a list of things I suggest you can do:


  1. Hangout with your girlfriends!  Catch a movie in the theatre such as That Awkward Moment (with Zac Efron!!)
  2. If you can’t make it to the movies, watch a movie in your house!  Go to the store, grab some ice cream cartons and other junk food to have a movie night!  If you are stuck as to what to watch, check out this list of movies perfect for Valentine’s Day nights.
  3. Go for a jog, swim…exercise!  Nothing  more fresh than the feeling of working out! (this may not work for those of you who are not fond of physical activity)
  4. Bake some sweets and decorate them with V-day colors!  Baking is always nice and a stress reliever.
  5. BLAST THE MUSIC!  Crank up the music in your bedroom, living room, and kitchen (whilst baking).  Even better head to a local karaoke place with your friends and sing your hearts out.
  6. Grab some frozen yogurt or ice cream with your friends!
  7. Go out for dinner!  If you live down in southern California, I recommend Diamond Jamboree in Irvine or Downtown Disney in Anaheim.
  8. Go shopping!  Shop till ya drop.
  9. Have fun!  Valentine’s day is not about relationships.  It is about love.  And everyone has somebody they love; whether it is your family, friends, or dog.  Share the love and have fun!

(Check out some DIY Valentine Treats and ideas!)


  1. Hangout with your friends!  Skate around the neighborhood, catch a killer movie, have a League party.
  2. Play some video games, like League as stated above (get challenger), and others like COD or Slender (for that V-day scare).
  3. Invite your friends over for some pizza and just hang!
  4. “Cry in a corner”-Bill (JK don’t do that)
  5. Play a sport!  Go shoot some hoops, kick some soccer balls, swim, etc.
  6. For those of you who enjoy cooking, cook some food!  And share the food with your family (& possibly another person whom you would want to see your cooking skills ;))
  7. BLAST THE MUSIC.  Music never fails.
  8. Make a goofy YouTube video and post it!  (nothing dangerous though!)
  9. Lastly, Have fun!


I hope you lovey doveys will have a wonderful Valentine’s Day and make the best of it this year!




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