ThoughtJot Begins


Hey guys! So, today I’ll be blogging about something a little different today. Danny, Jeremy (a friend), and I have been recently working something that may or may not blow your mind (hopefully it does). What is that you ask? Well, we have been tinkering with a few animations here and there using AnimationCreationHD in order to create little short cartoon skits! I know it may not be the best since we are just getting the hang of it, but we’ll be experts in no time! Here’s a clip of a quick introduction video about who we are and what we do!

Also, check us out on Facebook @ So far it’s been a blast working and brainstorming with my team, but at the same time a huge struggle. We currently have 2 videos up right now (I know, not much). A lot of blood, sweat, and tears are put into making a clip even though it may not seem much. HUGE factors that we’re currently struggling with are video ideas and time management. We try to stay as original as possible, but with millions of other cartoon channels, it’s very difficult to have an idea of our own.In the future we hope to be able to improve our drawing styles, set up a regular schedule, and hopefully be able to share our creations with even more people. Some inspirations that we highly look up to are sWooZie and Domics, and here’s a link to check them out if you guys don’t already know who they are! (sWooZie) (Domics)


Chris (and partly Danny)


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