Star-Crossed Kitchen

Hello All!  As you may know, from Chris’ recent post there is a bit of innovation going on.  And for my project, my innovation is cooking ie baking.


I have always enjoyed cooking, and baking most especially.  It brings me joy to create tasty pastries that not only satisfy my stomach but also my mind.  It is a stress-reliever for me even on days when the process takes at the utmost 7 to 12 hours (which includes photographing and all other shenanigans).


When we were working in the kitchen!

You may be thinking how is baking an innovation project?  Well here’s where my innovation kicks in.  Do you remember reading my blog post titled, “A Beignagel?”  Well if you haven’t you may check out the blog post here.  In that post, I talk about this list that Time magazine created about hybrid foods.  From a hybrid of skittles and milk tea to french toast and churros, this post has it all.  Well, 10 exactly.

So, at the end of the post I also mentioned that I would be experimenting in the kitchen with the recipes and here I am!  4 months in and I have about 4-5 hybrid recipes to share with you all.

My project is called Star-Crossed Kitchen.  Star-Crossed, in reference to Romeo and Juliet, and Kitchen because we work in a kitchen.  This project is a process I am working on with my sister, Norreen, and our mission is to bring two products, mismatch them together and create one final product that would “create an unforgettable taste.”

© 2013

As innovators, Star-Crossed Kitchen’s goal is to create new and exotic recipes to share with the brave and diverse world.  The recipes revolve around foods called “hybrids,” two seemingly mismatched ingredients, but when combined, creates an unforgettable taste.

These treats will be displayed and sold at specific locations in Southern California, and all profits will be donated to the Community Service Program in order to promotegang prevention and youth development in Orange County.

In loving memory of our brother, Ti Anh.


Maple Persimmon Rice Cake- Our very first recipe

Maple Persimmon Rice Cake- Our very first recipe

Our website may be found here, along with multiple recipes.  If you would like to know more about our process, check out the about me section on our site.  We also have a Facebook page in regards to the process which can be found here.

Every couple weeks, my sister and I would gather in the kitchen and experiment with any ingredients that are found!  Sometimes we fail, sometimes we succeed.  We hope to hand out the tasty treats at specific locations and update anybody who is interested through our website or Facebook page.  The money we raise will benefit the Community Service Program in Santa Ana, CA.

Doughnut BLT

Doughnut BLT recipe

The treats will be FREE and only donation accepted.  The main struggle we are currently facing is finding the locations for handing out the treats.  We are hoping for the treat “sale” to be at a local grocers or church.  Hopefully, all will settle in as time passes by and everyone can try our tasty recipes!

As the first semester just ended for my school, my sister and I’s second semester focus will be on getting the word out about our recipes and have people sample them for feedback.  The process will be photographed (or possibly recorded) and posted on our website!

My name is Naomi, and alongside with my sister Norreen, this is our innovation project.  An innovation project I have become absolutely proud of beginning.







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