0.000000001 Percent

There is always something missing.  Life can never be fully complete.  But that is what makes it so exciting.  Life is full of mystery, anticipation, anxiety, and surprise.



You can have the best day, yet deep in your soul there will always be a missing piece.  A matter of finding most of that piece is knowledge, experience, and an admiration for the various things in life that amaze you.  Yet, even when you achieve knowledge, experience, and admiration, there is still 0.00000001 of that piece missing.

It’s time to find that piece and share it. (play this song while reading to achieve full effect)

What is the cause of the missing piece?  Your emotions.

Emotions change and go.  They bring a person out of their normal habitat and enable one to engage in the unexpected.  They play with your mind and make one perform to the best or the worst of their ability.  They are a game, constantly changing, making up who you are, and acting as that missing piece that will always be invisible.

Even if one tries to conquer their emotions, another feeling will come rolling back his or her way.  Feelings cease to exist for eternity through thick and thin; good or bad.  And it is through these feelings that enable us to conquer the world through various forms of art.


In my opinion, all of life is art.  Whether it is through paintings, literature, music, photography, knowledge, or food, art can be found in everything.  And everything… everyone has feeling.  From existing in your mother’s womb to your death bed, the roller coaster of sentiment is alive.  In your mother’s womb, the light stomach rubs and warmth of an ear to the belly button make you kick.  We kick to show we feel the warmth and affection coming from the world outside.  On our death bed, I imagine we would feel a variety of emotions.  We could be recollecting of the accomplishments we have achieved, thinking of a peaceful, silent sleep, or be afraid to leave the world we have lived in since that warmth of an ear.

There is no other existing craft that will empower one to share an emotion to the highest degree other than art.  Sometimes it may be difficult for one to depict their art to the greatest standard.  One may have writer’s block, different perspectives, and high expectations.  To overcome these boulders would be to try again.  And again. And again. And again.  Find the motivation within you, stop yourself from making yourself stop, and just do it.  The results may not seem satisfying but of those 1500 tries, I guarantee you will get something out of it.  Learn from your mistakes and try not to doubt yourself.

Watch this video listed in the Staff Picks section on Vimeo below to further see my message:


The most important factor in art is the matter of whether or not you are willing to share it with others.  So share it.  Let people know and learn from your art.  Let people learn that everyone has an artistic side to them.  Let people know that we exist to help them bring their artistic side out.

Art is feeling.  And everyone has feeling; just as everyone has art.





2 thoughts on “0.000000001 Percent

  1. I usually cringe when I see really long posts and I’m tired from a long school day, but when I started reading your post it was so awesome that I didn’t get that feeling of “ahh there’s so much left to read of this!” I actually wanted to continue on.

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