What is FlappyBird?

So there’s been this game that has recently been getting tons of hits and it’s known as the infamous “Flappy Bird.” If you guys don’t have any idea about what this wretched game is. It’s basically an app that you download on your phone or mobile device, and you control a bird that has to get through these pipeline obstacles by just tapping and dodging the pipes, and the goal is to “get through” as many pipes as you possibly can. Seems easy enough right? WRONG! Here’s just a little gameplay video if my description didn’t quite cut it.

Recently I have found out the creator of this “fun and exciting new game” has been earning about $50k per day in ad revenue! That just blows my mind about how an APP can basically make someone a millionaire.

“With a simple tap-to-play title, Nguyen is well on his way to becoming a millionaire (if he isn’t already). A rough equation of $50,000 multiplied by 31 days, minus Apple’s 30% cut of course, gives us around $1 million.”

The creator of this game is Dong Nguyen, who is from Hanoi, Vietnam, admits that he basically just “got lucky.” What many people don’t know is that this game has been developed since last year and finally it is starting to take off into the most popular downloaded section on that app store!

Flappy birds

What most caught my attention was that who his audience was. Kids made his little app turn into a booming success.

“I don’t know how my games can be so popular. Most of my players are kids in schools. I would like to thanks them for playing my game and sharing it to other people.”

Flappy Bird isn’t the only project that he had come up with. Some other games such as Super Ball Juggling and Shuriken Block were created following a similar pattern as Flappy Bird.

Those of you who are interested in making games, some tips here from the Dong Nguyen himself could be very useful for you.

  1. “Each of my games has only one setting, one activity and one gameplay mechanism. Contrary to popular belief not everyone wants a tailored experience.
  2. “They’re dead simple, easy to learn and require only skill. People want real competition not ‘pay to win’!” In the end there’s only two types of games: those that test problem solving skills, and those that test coordination. Though more buttons and more complicated maneuvers may seem to amplify the trial, one, perfect test of a player’s eye-hand coordination is all that’s needed.
  3. “They’re designed for offline competition—something people forget these days.”Two-thirds of the world doesn’t have regular Internet access. Do you really want to cut them off from your product?
  4. “I think the most important reason that my games are so popular is the competition between players and the simplicity.” No tricks here. Assuming that is, you can resist the temptation to make your product the fanciest, most impressive thing anyone has ever seen, and just create something true.

If you would care to read more go to the article link here! http://upstart.bizjournals.com/news/technology/2014/02/06/flappy-bird-popularity-tips.html

It still amazes me how a little innovation could go such a long way. Thank you for inspiring us Dong Nguyen

Until next time readers!




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