Don’t Speak

I do not like hurting people.  I know.  You know.  We all know.  That sometimes we speak words that we regret.  My mouth… it just babbles when I am stressed or hyper or panicked.  And sometimes the other person who’s feelings could have been hurt hears what I had to say.  I know that person heard, and I hope it did not affect them.


But I know it affected them.  And it hurts me thinking about it.

I want to be portrayed as a person who has a heart and be respected for that quality.  I can’t have the attitude of “who cares” when I know the other may be suffering from my words, especially if that significant other is family.  I hope one day this person will realize I am not that type of person for I do regret my words and would take them back in an instant.

That is all I have to say for now.




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