It’s only Finals week!

As you guys may know finals week is approaching us fast, but do not fear because my helpful advice is here! 

I know that finals can be very stressful and can cause huge amounts of anxiety, but don’t worry because this isn’t going to decide whether you die or not! The most important tip about Finals, to me personally, is to not make such a big deal out of it. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t study at all because YOU MUST, all I am saying is that don’t kill yourself over it.

Time plays a huge factor in the preparation for finals, so it’s best to not wait till that last minute (quotes every single teacher I know). Remember to always stay calm and to stay on task. Gradually spread apart your days to study certain subjects and remember to take breaks! A maximum study time is about 1-2 hours so don’t go so overboard on that. Remember to be organize because you don’t want to be cramming all of your subjects on the day before your finals do you now? Sleep is probably going to be your best friend during this stressful time of period. DO NOT pull all-nighters, not only are you sleep depriving yourself, but you’ll probably forget everything you’ve studied for the past week and instead sleep on the test…

Try to avoid social media as much as possible because if you’re anything like me; facebook, instagram, youtube, etc.. will be the end of you. I suggest that you should NOT go on social media devices while during your breaks. Try to keep yourself as energetic as possible, maybe setting yourself a goal for yourself or even doing exercises to keep the blood flowing.

Most importantly, reward yourself from time to time. Remember that you’re only human and can only do so much. After studying for a good amount of time, reward yourself with breaks, food, or even some fresh air. Then get right back on it because who knows when your procrastination skills are about to spring up. Remind yourself that your still young and you shouldn’t be getting grey hair due to stress (unless it’s genetics, then oh well).

If my advice wasn’t too helpful for you guys, here’s a link that is helping me out as I go through finals week!

Good luck on your finals guys!




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