A Whole New Block

Have you ever the phrase “A Chip off the Ol’ Block” ? Well I’m here to say that Pentatonix is an entirely new block. Innovating is not only creating but improving, as I said before in previous blog posts, and this music group has been completely leading the way of how A Capella  is seen in the music industry. A Capella has always been around whether it’s from the doo wop style to just plain singing, A Capella isn’t even close to a new concept. What’s special about this style of music is that it’s music powered by only the human voice which I believe make the music even better. But going back to innovation what Pentatonix has done and been doing so far in their career is adding a new twist to the modern pop songs of today which is something Pentatonix has done extremely well .

Anyways, sure Pentatonix has all the elements of other A Cappella groups but what has put Pentatonix in the lead is their ability to recreate songs that use a lot of different components and split those components into parts that seperate into just five people. I’m not sure if that made any sense to you but we’ll go along with it. Even more into their innovative style is to incorporate special effects into their music that was originally done in the computer, this was shown especially in their Daft Punk medley which has become their most viewed video on youtube after just two months.


And speaking of Youtube their channel has been able to reach almost five million subscribers over a period of just two years ! Not to mention a total of just thirty-four videos on their channel has helped them reach this milestone, wow! Alright, enough of fawning over Pentatonix and once again back to innovating, this group has been able to innovate their own version of A Capella which has brought this style of music to a more popular place in the music industry, and being this new to the music world and having already attracted millions of fans is something only true innovators could do.

I also want to give credit to Raelys-Fenrika on deviantart  for the incredible drawing I use for this blog. And if you’re already a Pentaholic like me then high-five!





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