Very Funny

Although Halloween has ended, I thought I should bring up this viral video because it pertains to a topic I am currently learning about.  This topic, humor, is a subject that brings laughter to life.  Or does it?  First, I would like you to watch this video.  If you are not familiar with Jimmy Kimmel’s traditional segment, “I told my kids I ate all their Halloween candy,” this video will get a laugh (or not) out of you.

As of today, this video has over 25,000,000 views on YouTube.  So tell me, did this video make you laugh or feel pity?

People have told me that you can not be mean and funny at the same time, but in the case of the “I told my kids I ate all of their Halloween Candy,” I find it to be mean, yet funny at the same time.


What’s humorous about this viral video are the reactions of the children when their parents tell them that their Halloween Candy has disappeared into their stomachs.  What’s even more funny is that they are upset over candy.  Children and candy are best friends and when you take that candy away, well…no bueno.


Of course with Late Night TV shows the humor is slapstick or when others act “mean” to one another.  For example, Kimmel’s other segment, “Celebrities read mean tweets,” is quite hilarious if you ask me.  In this segment, celebrities read tweets in which they are “made fun of” by other individuals.  With comments ranging from extremely humorous to downright mean, the middle way is shown for the concept of being hilarious and (offending) at the same time.

Laughing is the joy and prolong-er of  life. Laughing and comedy is what brings happiness into a being with the snap of a second.  So embrace it; have a laugh.






2 thoughts on “Very Funny

  1. Naomi,
    You are one of the funniest girls I know! I love these videos. They are cute, sad, and funny all at the same time. I really like the “I gave my kid a bad gift for Christmas”. And I like the mean tweets one with the basketball players. Great choice of videos to display humor! Keep up the great posts!

    • Thanks Kayleen! I love reading your posts also! They give me motivation to become a better person and encourage me to stay positive even in the worst times. I really appreciate the fact that you are taking time to read my posts! So thank you again!!

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