“Write about something funny that happened over your winter break.”

HAH.  Winter break.  All I remember doing over winter break was laying in my bed, eating food, and watching Netflix for about three fourths of the time.  I guess I could have written about my one on one dates with Pewdiepie on my computer screen, but then I thought of this one time over break when my cousin texted me.


We had this whole funny love shenanigans conversation about her exciting date.  I decided to write about my cousin and I’s conversation because I was not going to turn in a blank sheet of paper with only my name scribbled in the top right corner.  That conversation was fresh in my mind so I picked up the pencil and wrote.  And wrote.  And handed in the essay when it was completed.

Next class period; I was sitting in my art class painting a Captain America clay figure, and suddenly I remembered the actual most funniest thing that happened to me over winter break.  This is the one story that was supposed to be written for my in-class essay, but since the story had clicked after I consigned it… I am here to share the event with you all.


It was New Year’s Eve of 2013.  I was super excited for 2013 to be over because this year was definitely not one of the best.  My aunt needed to prepare for a New Year’s party to happen later that night so my sisters, cousin, and I joined her on her trip to Costco Warehouse to buy some foods and drinks.  We arrived and parked in a rectangular opening, squeezing between two SUV’s.  The Costco we arrived at was crowded.  People were scattered everywhere gathering last minute party supplies, champagne, and apple cider for the countdown to 2014.  Yet, in the midst of everything, this Costco experience was the best one that I had ever approached in my life.

Costco is the best.  We as teenagers love Costco because of the free samples.  From days when hot pockets to salmon and cream cheese crackers are served, Costco never fails to satisfy my cravings (unless it is past 7 PM of course- when the samples run out).


Once we entered the warehouse, we all walked to the produce section to get some meat.  Samples were being served, and that was when we split up from my aunt.  I approached the cart serving ham because… meat.  I picked up the sample, said thank you, and the “server” (Costco employee) looked up and said,

“You’re welcome.”

This server.  This Costco employee had the most beautiful complexion I had ever seen.  His face was snow white, with a skin that looked glowing and soft as ever (very much like Robert Pattinson), and he was awkwardly, yet handsomely tall.  I smiled back at him and continued onto the next sample booth I could find.  The party was just getting started.

After a while, my sisters, cousin, and I decided to saunter around and have a mini adventure.  We walked down the aisles, commented on the food labels, and made our way through the crowds.  So we were walking and came to this aisle where my sister said, “Oh soup!”, and paused for two seconds before she arched her back to have a closer look at the aisle and commented,


I,  behind her, stopped and asked,

“What? Cereal?”, not clearly hearing what she said, and paused for two seconds before I arched my back to have a closer look at the aisle and commented,



There in that aisle of soup cans and pasta boxes, stood another handsome lad who was pale as soft snow and awkwardly, yet handsomely tall.  He looked like a model for a Swedish clothing line who did not belong in the soup and pasta aisles of Costco.  He was so good looking, my older sister and I lost track of our younger sister; our cousin had to intervene and she was the only one concerned with where my younger sister had gone to.

We walked around the perimeter of the warehouse once more, and decided, as a group, to search for the the “Swedish Model.”

“Where is he?,” my cousin asked as we walked.

“I don’t know.  He is so cute!,” my older sister replied.

“I think he works here because he was lifting some boxes,” I said.

In that moment, another lad who was pushing a cart of misplaced products, said,

“Who?  Me?” as he turned around and lit a smile upon his face.

“ARghghrALJKIDjppajnf.”  Oh my goodness gracious this Costco is the Costco I would work at if I ever applied for a temporary job.  This lad number 3 had the cutest smile, and although he was not awkwardly, handsomely tall and did not have pale white skin, he was absolutely adorable with his medium height and tan tone.  All three of us, my sister, cousin, and I (my younger sister was sort of like why am I here) smiled back at him and walked away in the other direction.  The direction where we happened to stumble across the Swedish model in the center of a refrigeration aisle.

We decided to walk pass him, but a quarter through,  I turned around and rushed to the next aisle where I could peek through the boxes of food and see my sisters and cousin proceed in passing his presence.  I could not continue walking then  because I would have burst into laughter and that would have been super awkward.  I kept thinking he knew we were looking at him.  My sisters and cousins returned to find me, commenting I was super weird and just being extremely paranoid.  I did not believe them because I truly did think that he knew we were following him!

I know in a way we were stalking the “Swedish” Costco worker, but we were just a group of girls having fun on the last day of 2013.


It was hilarious.  And if I could, I would repeat it all over again (not creepily).




4 thoughts on “Costco.

  1. I loved this post! It was super cute and funny the way you explained the situation and workers. I had a derpy smile on my face the whole time reading it 😀

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