Let’s talk about innovating..

As you may or may not know, I love skateboarding and everything about it. One of my favorite skaters of all time has got to be Rodney Mullen due to the fact that he basically invented the modern day tricks for street skaters. Something that I recently realized was that skateboarding isn’t just a sport, but an art. People such as Rodney Mullen who was known as the godfather of street skateboarding. Rodney Mullen was the first to invent the trick called the “kickflip” which led to a whole new world of innovation and ideas in the skateboarding community…

To me skateboarding is all about spending time with your friends and having the most fun possible. However, to others, skateboarding is like a paintbrush to an empty canvas. But for street skaters, like myself, the streets are you’re canvas. Now a days, it’s very difficult to create a new and innovated trick but for those lucky enough to live in the 80’s had nothing to worry about. I would like for you readers to watch this video here, and Rodney Mullen will explain his glory days as one of the best skaters in history.

I was so siked when I first saw this video because it reminded me so much about my English class (weird right?). Innovation is the #1 priority in our class and combining something I love doing with something I am learning is just amazing. Skateboarding couldn’t be a better example of what innovation is all about.  What I love most about skateboarding is the freedom to do whatever you can without any limitations. There’s no coach telling you what you have to do nor is there any people judging you.

Until next time readers!




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