Giving Never Stops!

Hey guys! As you may know this Christmas season is on its way towards the end, but its okay because New Years is coming up! Let’s just all take a moment and wish Christmas an “Adieu,” until next year…… The time of giving and receiving may be over for some people, but not for GiveBackFilms. They have done a couple videos dedicated towards the holiday season, but for GiveBackFilms it really doesn’t stop there……

Just by the sound of their name, you could already tell that these people are what makes the world a better place. Here are a couple videos that they have made just for this holiday season. I HIGHLY suggest checking out their channel, you won’t regret it. I know for a fact that I haven’t..

What I love most about this channel is that they don’t just write a check and send it off to a charity, but actually shows their generosity face to face. Also, they don’t just give to the homeless as most people do, but to all those who they get their hands upon. I believe that their purpose for this channel isn’t just about showing how much they can give, but showing how giving can affect the world. I think the deep message in these videos is to be as contagious as possible by giving others the opportunity to show their compassionate side.


Going real off topic here, but this sort of giving reminds me of the book I recently read, in my English class, called the Tale of Two Cities. I realized that this book has a lot of people giving up stuff for others such as Sydney Carton, giving up his life for Charles Darnay, Miss Pross giving up her sense of hearing for the greater good, and Mr. Lorry ,being as dedicated as ever, risking his own life in order to protect the people he most cares about.




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