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If you are looking for a new means of learning, I suggest looking to twitter.  Yesterday, I participated in a Twitter chat in my English class about A Tale of Two Cities, a beautifully written novel by Charles Dickens.  The approach may have been different, but I enjoyed it a lot.  So how does a Twitter chat exactly work?  Well, I am going to explain it below in 4 easy steps.


Step 1:
Create a Twitter.  Obviously if you do not have a twitter account you will need to sign up for one in order to participate in a Twitter chat.
Step 2:
Create a hashtag.  This is the most crucial step for without a #hashtag how would you communicate with the rest of the world?  #HASHTAGS connect.
Step 3:
Go to Tweet Chat and sign into your Twitter.  After you sign in, input the #hashtag to be used for the Twitter chat into the search bar “hashtag to follow.”
Step 4:
Converse!  Write what you want and listen to what others have to say.

What I loved most about the twitter chat was I could reply to the questions (provided by my instructor) with internet slang, cool emoticons, and weird punctuation to further enhance my message.  Alongside, my answers did not have to be long; only 140 characters did the trick.  AND I could like, re tweet, and reply to other student’s answers.  It was informal.  And I liked it.

I know administrators and teachers have increasingly approached social media to connect with others alike and interact with their students.  Some students think this connection to Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus,  and etc is weird because teachers are teachers.  They don’t have lives.  All they “do” is grade papers and assign essays to write.  But that is not what they only do.  What these students, who deem teacher’s lives to be mundane, need is a change in perspective.


For example, when I was in 5th grade, I ran into my teacher at a local Target.  It was an awkward encounter- at least for me.  But then this year,  when I met my Spanish instructor at my little sibling’s school festival, we talked about things other than school for about 5 minutes.  Within those 5 minutes, I learned that my Spanish teacher has a little girl who attends the same elementary school as my little sister.  

As you can see, teachers are ordinary people and once you get to know them, they can be remarkably cool.  With teachers in the social media network, more students will be able to see what they do,what changes they are trying to make in this world, and who they are.


Like it or not, the educational system is turning to technology as the future progresses.  Twitter chats are perfect for a starting point of this technological path for they are not only fun and enhance a student’s learning career, but they also enable the whole world to see their educational experience.

For an educational twitter chat to participate in check out this article:





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