A Tale of Two Revolutions

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*Spoilers ahead*

The novel “A Tale of Two Cities” by Charles Dickens is set during the French Revolution where the lower classes of France have risen up against the aristocracy who they claim to have abused their wealth and power against the citizens of France, this was shown through Monsieur the Marquis who has always lived a spoiled life and overlooked the poverty of his fellow citizens. While the Revolution has turned the tables in Book the Third of this novel, the revolutionists have ultimately turned into the cold-hearted people who oppressed them. When I got to the point where Charles Darnay is able to see the injustice of the revolutionists in France I realized that in Suzanne Collin’s ” Mockingjay” which I’m sure many of you have heard of, the exact same change happened when the rebels had risen against The Capital, the government of Panem, who has unfairly oppressed the lower class citizens and forced them to participate in a fight to the death each year. And while the rebels were right in overthrowing this unfair government, in the end they became just like the people they hated so much just like the rebels of the French Revolution.




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