A Piece of Cake Album Release *Updated*

I, personally, was not a die-hard fan of Beyonce.  I believed her music was absolutely great, don’t get me wrong.  I just never had the time to sit down, relax, and appreciate her music.  She is the Queen… she is Sasha Fierce.  And when Beyonce released her album unexpectedly with no advertising or sponsoring about a week ago, she caught my attention.

Beyoncè Promo Video

Why did Beyonce catch my attention all of a sudden?  I admired her strong, confident voice before the release of Beyonce, but after, my perspective of Beyonce is on a whole other level.

I am a fan.

I know what you are thinking.  “Oh my goodness.  This chick thinks she is a true fan of Beyonce when I have loved her ever since I was practically born.  I am the true fan.”  And I know.  I know my love for Beyonce is a little too late.  But you know what?  Fans come and go, and at this moment I am coming, along with millions of others who were informed about her surprise release.

Beyonce’s New Album Cover

I honestly did not know about Beyonce’s unexpected release until about 4 to 5 days after.  I was walking into the tennis courts for sixth period  practice, and my friend asks me,

“Did you hear about Beyonce’s album?”

“What? What about Beyonce?” I asked.

“She released her album unexpectedly.  No advertising, no need for advertising money…nada.”

Our conversation went something along those lines, and after hearing about her unexpected release, I could not help but think awesome.  That is so awesome.  To release an album unexpectedly and still sell over 600,000 albums the FIRST THREE DAYS is extraordinary.  Due to this different approach, I was intrigued… and I wanted to know more.

So, I searched on my phone regarding her release, and found a YouTube video that shares her experience and thoughts of the making of this album. (If you have not known, the album is a “visual album” with 14 songs and 17 videos…making Beyonce even more amazing.)  Below is part one to Beyonce’s YouTube series “Self-Titled”: Part 1.  The Visual Album.

December 13, 2013

“I wanted the people to hear a song with a story that is in my mind.”

Beyonce released this album hoping to convey a deeper visual meaning to the music released.  And she took this risk… with countless hours, days, and months to imperfectly perfect an album that she, Beyonce, hoped would please her fans.  Beyonce hopes this album, as stated in the video, will touch her fans and enable them to hear her story and thoughts.

On December 17, 2013 Beyonce released Part 2 to “Self-Titled,” Imperfection.

“I basically starved, I have neglected all the people that I love, I conformed to what everybody thinks  I should be.  And I have a trophy.  What does that mean?”  

What does that mean?  Beyonce has a trophy in one hand and a daughter and a family in the other.  The trophy is a symbol of great accomplishment.  But, is this accomplishment really worth the starvation?  The neglecting? Or the conformity?  Is it worth more than the look her daughter gives her or husband’s and family’s love?  No.  It is not.  Because life is more about the trophy.  It is about what you do for others and the feelings that come with it.  And sometimes Beyonce would like to just,

“throw that $#!* out.”

Life is imperfect.  You need to accept what you have and who you are and just deal with it.  Have fun and let life takes it toll to bring you to whichever sea you may meet.

Part 3 to “Self-Titled,” Run ‘N Gun  was released on December 25, 2013.

“I wanted to carry this idea of being in the moment, and embracing mistakes and effortlessness into the videos.”  

This idea of being in the moment… living the moment is what spurs imagination, creativity, and innovation.  Live the moment, live the life… and enjoy it.  “It’s a beautiful cycle of energy.”

Picture from a scene from a video in Beyonce’s visual album

Beyonce’s love for her fans is similar to Dicken’s A Tale of Two Cities character, Sydney Carton.  Beyonce is passionate about her career and the people who have supported her along the way.  Sydney Carton is passionate about Lucie Manette, a lost love marrying a man whom practically looks identical to him.  Both these individuals took sacrifices for the people they love.  Beyonce released an album out of surprise.  And Sydney sacrificed his being to keep a promise to a woman dearest to him.  Although Sydney Carton’s story seems more grand and significant, both individuals made sacrifices and put their toe forward to benefit the people that give them passion.

Till next time!




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