It’s all in you…


Recently, I have been playing a game called League of Legends. You meet a lot of people in this game because you are placed in team of 5 people including you and you face a team of 5. They may be the nicest people that you’ll ever play with, or the worst. One of the worsts people in this game are people who take all the credit themselves and don’t say that it was someone else that helped them achieve that greatness. It hurts me to see people acting like this. They shouldn’t put themselves above others that brought them to such a high place.


I can relate this situation to a character in the book A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens. The character is named Sydney Carton. He is the assistant of a very successful lawyer who does not actually do most of the work himself. Carton does not speak up for himself and the lawyer bathes in all of his wealth. I think his self esteem is the issue here. He has little to no self esteem due to unknown reasons that haven’t been revealed from where I am at the book. His character is a mystery like a lot of characters in the book and we have yet to see how his character plays out!




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