The Hidden Message


A while ago in my English class we reviewed the first paragraph of “A Tale of Two Cities” by  Charles Dickens which I must say contained a ton of hidden implications that was all tucked away in just half of a page. As I was looking for any blog-worthy news I stumbled upon the paintings of a talented Ukrainian artist who is named Oleg Shuplyak. When I saw these paintings I immediately recognized that if writers could add hidden meanings in their work, then artists could do just the same.While these paintings are fairly straightforward just the way Oleg specially shaped the objects in the painting to form these hidden images is amazing.

1. In this painting Oleg carves out the face of a bearded man using the stone arch to form the general shape of the head and the woman in the white dress to form the beard.

2.    As for this painting the hidden image is a little more, well, hidden but around the boy a face can be seen with the clouds shaping the top of the head and the handle of his instrument forming the nose.

3.  By far my favorite painting of Oleg, this painting shows the duplicate of a bird using just the leaves of a branch.

While the hidden images in these paintings were fun to find, just the detail of these paintings would be enough to amaze me. Just like how Oleg hid a painting within a painting, Charles Dickens was able to hide a greater message in his book ” The Tale of Two Cities“.




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