Go go go!

me gusta

The game of ball is one of the greatest games of all. The speed, the intensity, the suspense puts us on our heels. Players come from everywhere, from the rural areas to the hustling cities. The thing that makes the game are players. Their hearts are the game.

Recently watched the movie Hoosiers featuring Gene Hackman. In the movie a disgraced coach goes to a rural town to coach. He changes the whole meta of the team by forcing them to pass a set amount of times in the game before shooting. He changed the way they played, and connected them a little more as a team. From my experience with basketball, there is always that one ball hog that wouldn’t pass the ball. It was frustrating to me, but ok at the same time because we we’re winning each game. The thing that i didn’t feel though was the power of teamwork. It was literally just passing the ball to him. In the movie, I felt the teamwork. The passes and teamwork shown was amazing. I can only loathe that kind of teamwork.


The movie is very good and I highly recommend it everyone even if they don’t like to play basketball. There are life lessons in there that should be known!


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