Season of Thanks[GIVING]

A kind act for one.  A kind act for many.  For 25 years, Gungho, a natural focus supplement company, has been paying for shopper’s groceries.  But this holiday season, LAHWF, a Youtube channel, “caught it all on video” including the shopper’s reactions and the employee’s satisfaction.

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We bloggers recently came across “Paying for People’s Groceries” on Youtube, and at this moment it ranks with over 2 million 500 thousand views.  This video depicts the holiday season and giving back in the most sincere and warm manner possible.  If you have not watched this video, we highly recommend you check it out.  Below will be our blogger’s thoughts on the video.

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All I could really say is wow…… This truly is a random act of kindness that won’t ever be forgotten. I love how people are getting into the spirit of the holidays by being more thoughtful towards others instead of themselves. What warmed my heart the most was that the person who actually paid FOR the groceries stayed anonymous the whole time. He didn’t ask for gratitude nor did he ask to be recognized, he just did what he thought was right. Like the title said, this is the perfect way to start off the holiday season. Just seeing the tears and smiles of those customers was enough to put me in the spirit for the holidays. This is just another example of how one person could make a change in people’s lives. Even though he used money to pay for their groceries, it doesn’t mean we have to break out our piggy banks and do the exact same. But, any simple, small act of kindness could possibly change someone’s day or even life for the best. God bless this man.


This video rings the spirit and love that should exist in the holiday season.  Watching the shopper’s reactions touched my heart the most.  I could not help but smile when I saw the shopper’s tears.  I felt happy to be apart of a world where people do kind acts and give back to the world.  Not only did GungHo, give back to these shoppers, they showed the positivity from mankind and our ability to perform with exceptional acts of graciousness.  The video made me speechless, actually.  I was urged to perform my own act of kindness.   I was urged to be thankful.  I was urged to share this video and love with other people.  This is the time of giving, and I could not be any happier to be a part of this season.  Quite perfect, if you ask me.


After this video, I felt happy inside. We don’t see random acts of kindness that much anymore, but when we do it is something great. The thing that made my heart tingle was everyone’s reactions to what they got. They were all crying which made me tear a bit. It was like Santa coming a little early and bestowing his little gifts to everyone. It makes everyone feel that holiday spirit that runs through us. We need to see things like this a little more to have that feeling come through us. This great video has just made my day.


Probably like most people who watched this video I am in awe of this man. For myself I believe that the best kind of happiness is when a person gets so happy that tears start streaming from their face because that just shows how thankful someone is really and personally I think it’s a lot more meaningful than just laughing at a joke. Honestly I just have too much to say to say anything really about this other than what a great guy is he to really put the giving part in Thanksgiving.

We hope all of you guys had a safe and great Thanksgiving!  Always remember to give back and be thankful for all that you have.  See you readers next time!

Give back to the community and continue forward.


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