No, I am your father!

Luke… I am your father..

We’ve all seen Star Wars in one point of our life. The great Luke Skywalker who stopped the Empire from crushing the Rebellion was great. There was one plot twist in particular that intrigued me was Darth Vader revealing to Luke that he was his father. My mind was just exploded from that acknowledgement. The bad guy being the father of the good guy? We don’t see that often. I can’t think of many movies that the bad guy is the father of the good guy.

wlden on wheels

A very similar plot twist happened in the book I have been reading, Walden on Wheels by Ken Illgunas. In the book, he describes his life as he tries to pay of college debt. So far, it has been a brilliant book with his witty dialogue and his interesting personal stories. However there has been one plot point that made me go  woah. He decided to live in a van instead of paying for dorm and he had to be all sneaky like about it. It makes me happy that he wrote about his experience because it can help me keep busy and learn from his mistakes.

Signing, Bill


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