Making a Difference Through Our Actions


I am speechless right now.This act of kindness is truly a work of art done by this man. Helping someone through a tough time is one thing, but saving someone’s life is definitely another. What you watched here is just an example of how our values define us as the person we are. Through our actions and words we can make a difference in this “cruel” world.  This man could’ve kept driving along and ignore the helpless victim, but no. He stops, gets out, gives the woman a choice, and saves the life of this woman. This is what I loved most about this video. He asks whether or not she wants to come on the other side instead of forcing her to do so. I have never seen a miracle happen before in my life until now. The nerve and the guts this person has amazes me. I believe that the world is truly good, and not as all bad as people perceive it as. What stuck with me the most was the quote he said towards the end of the video. You got to do what you got to do. Sometimes in life, you can’t just stop and think about things, you have to just go with your gut and do it, and this is exactly what this man did. God bless him.

“When you sit on the bench and the coach calls your number, and you got to go in there and make a play, and you got to do what it calls for.”

Our English class is not a typical ordinary class; it’s a class about making a difference in the world. We are doing these blog posts because we are reaching out to other people in this world in order to make an impact. Through the funny, innovative, heartwarming, and sad posts we share it all has a purpose and meaning to it. We dedicate our efforts into doing these blogs for you guys and making a difference.


Wow. The moment I saw this video I was stunned by how much this man affected someone’s life through simply asking ” Are you okay?” In a moment that woman’s life was saved while in a moment her life could have also ended. I believe that it’s not what we do that defines us but our values that we uphold, which leads us to do something whether for the better or worse. Anyone would be in awe of this man for saving a person’s life but what really grabbed a hold of me was that in the first two seconds of this video you could see clearly that there was a crowd of cars that had passed this woman by and even a bicyclist who rode by her without hesitation. I had re watched this video multiple times but when I realized that he was the only one to have stopped for this person in need, I knew that this person was truly a hero. Anyone can be a hero but it is the values we choose to express and follow that proves to others what a hero is truly made of.


Chris and Danny


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