Take A Risk, Strengthen Your Life

Be Adventurous.  People always tell me this phrase, but at times, being adventurous can result in serious consequences.  For an 100 year old man on November 4, 2013, however, the possible consequences did not matter.

Vernon Maynard, a man from Nebraska and currently living in Palm Springs, had celebrated his 100th birthday skydiving.  When asked what Maynard wished to do in celebration of his 100 years of life, Maynard excitedly replied with “jumping from a plane with a parachute.”

100 year old,Vernon Maynard, skydiving

And I know what you are thinking… how can a 100 year old man have the strength and will to jump from a plane about 13,000 feet high in the sky?  For one, Maynard had his doctor’s permission to skydive.  Therefore, he must have been in good health to have the ability to jump from a plane.  Second, where did Maynard get his determination to make the jump?  … Easy, it came from his own self.

Read more about Maynard’s adventure here:

What Maynard depicted through his “skydiving adventure” was the confidence and willpower he held within himself.  Maynard took a risk, and although it was very dangerous for his age, he was able to live his life to a satisfying potential.

Life is about taking risks… going to the utmost mountaintop you are able to reach.  If you reach and aim high, it will lead to success with a content life.  Every once in a while, or at most times, it is important to have fun and enjoy life.  Take a breath, calm down, and look at the beauty surrounding yourself.  Do you feel satisfied?  Are you thankful?

But, like many other topics and philosophies, there are always “opposing” sides.  *Le sigh*

Taking risks can be exceptionally dangerous or unstable to your well being, along with others.  For example, a couple days ago, I was told information about college entrance exams.  If you are a current senior, or have been through the college application process, you know this/that time of the year is/was probably one of the most stressful times of your life.

What you must have  felt or are feeling like during college season

So there we, my English class and I, were, discussing about college essays, and we were told that the key to writing  a mind-sticking essay is writing differently… as in a distinctive and intriguing manner.  College essays are vital for entrance, and when the admissions officer is reading an essay, they want to see a different essay… a piece with great writing and an interesting or creative topic.

But what if rather than writing an essay, one submitted a video for the admission application?  Or a comic strip?  This question also came up in the discussion, and we were told people have submitted videos, comic strips, or even music pieces in replacement of the essay for their application.  Whether they were accepted or not depended on the quality of the work.  If it was mind blowing, then yes they probably were accepted.  If the work was “eh, somebody else could also pull this off,” then the individual may have not been accepted.

Comic strip regarding the seizing of life’s time and risk-taking

These individuals took a chest-pounding risk.  And many who took this approach for their application had the determination and work they believed was worthy of their college acceptance.  They probably spent countless hours, days, and weeks, deciding whether such process was worth it.  So, before you take a risk, make sure you have the determination it will succeed. And if all else fails, there is no harm in learning from your mistakes.

There is nothing negative about taking risks.  Risks enable you to live your life happily and with an extent of uncertainty (which, to me, is always fun).  Just remember, before you take any risk, especially one that may threaten your life and others, make sure you have the tenacity and confidence of a favorable outcome.

Lastly, congratulations to Vernon Maynard for becoming 100 years old!  And still exhibiting the qualities of youth: liveliness, blithe, and adventure.




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