Pop Quiz! Define Innovation.

Hello again for the eighteenth time…. This will be officially our first partner blog with both Bill and Danny writing about their takes on what innovation truly is. In the future we hope to publish more partner/group blogs based on whether you’d prefer these kind of blogs instead. But for now we’d like you to explore Bill and Danny’s perspectives on innovation based on their experiences in class this year.


                 What is innovation? Is it the thing that creeps in the dark or the thing that lurks in the closet? It can be if you chose it too, or it can be the greatest thing that can happen to you. But where does it start you ask? It starts a mere thought, but it explodes throughout your mind.Innovation is a proccess that at least all of us has done before even if we haven’t known about. We can do something great with it and change the way how people think.
Look at steve jobs for example. He created apple, the powerhouse of technology today. He created something new and innovated with the ipod nano. Multiple colors and white colored earbuds. It was the first of its kind. They started out small but look at where they are now. We can do that too.


                 Innovation is everywhere and all around us, clothing, trends,technology and even you are considered innovation. To me innovation is when something new and unique is formed. Go back in time and you’ll find that many things found today began as pure imagination, everything you look at in the world has been created by someone or something. But what’s most important is that you are considered an innovation as well, you have a unique personality, your own interests, and different points of view which all sums up to something new and one of a kind. Innovation is creation. Everyday we are innovating, no two days are ever the same and that is because we have done something new and different everyday whether it is making new experiences or adding new thoughts  to our minds we are innovating each and everyday with barely any effort. To me innovation is when something unique has been added to the world no matter how big or how small.


Bill and Danny


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