See a Need, Fill a Need

Assuming you’ve seen the movie Robots it’s probably safe to say you know everything there is to the motto “See a Need, Fill a Need”. For those that haven’t seen this movie I’d either run straight to a movie rental store or keep reading and prepare to be enlightened. In this movie the main character is an ambitious inventor, Rodney Copperbottom,  who has had a dream of becoming famous worldwide for his inventions, just like his childhood inspiration and hero, Bigweld. Bigweld repeatedly states his motto ” See a Need Fill a Need” which is shown throughout the course of the story.

This motto is conveyed exactly how it sounds and becomes Rodney’s main value in the story, this motto shows that helping others is based on seeing needs around you and working to solve them. As I was working in class on my What If/ Idea Farming project I realized how similar this motto was to our goals with this project. As aspiring innovators our main purpose is to find something missing in society and  to invent something to fill that gap just as how in the movie Rodney’s goal was to help others and filling the gaps in society. Inventing is never easy but helping others is something we all can do so remember, “See a Need Fill a Need”.




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