One True Pairing

“Robert Dudley and Elizabeth I of England are so OTP!” Exclaims my two friends.

“OTP? What is OTP?” I ask.

And instantly, one of my friends replies with the three full words, “One True Pairing.”

According to Urban Dictionary, OTP is the “meaning of your favorite combination of characters in a fandom.”  Apparently, people normally “ship” (deriving from relationSHIP) their OTP’s, meaning they truly believe those two people belong together.

And if you have ever heard the saying, “my ship is sailing,” then it means the person’s OTP is becoming reality.  Below are some individuals who I believe are OTP.


Shipment #1:

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield (*fangirl screams*)

When I first watched, the Amazing Spiderman, Emma and Andrew performed amazingly together.  Now, they are dating and will possibly be living together in New York City!

Read more here:

Shipment #2:

Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens

Zac and Vanessa have dated for about 6 years, but unfortunately they ended their relationship.  Troy and Gabriella (High School Musical), however, will always be remembered as the best OTP of all time.

Shipment #3:

Carl and Ellie

Carl and Ellie, from Disney Pixar’s Up, are adorable.  No question as to whether or not they belong in this OTP list, especially after you watch these scenes:

Carl and Ellie #1 (Young Age)

Carl and Ellie #2 (Older Age)

Shipment #4:

Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman

Although both Chris and Natalie have a spouse and children, there is no harm in fantasizing about their OTP status.  I can not wait to see their performances in Thor 2: The Dark World, coming to theaters November 8, 2013.  Check out the trailer below:

Shipment #5:

Antigone and Haemon

In the third play of Sophocles, titled Antigone, the love story, although not in depth, between Haemon and Antigone is tragic.  Haemon’s love for Antigone leads him to betray his father’s commands and follow his heart.  It is quite heartbreaking, and they truly are an OTP.

Which couples do you ship? Let me know below!




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