Pokemon… the new generation


We have all played Pokemon once in our life, whether it be in the past or present. It holds a special place in my heart and

many others. There have been  been many generations of Pokemon,starting from Red and Blue, and now the newest generation X and

Y. X and Y is the sixth generation of Pokemon. Many improvements have come with this generation, most notably that the game is in 3D and has mega evolutions. Getting rare and strong Pokemon is an ease in this generation. For example you can catch a Bagon early on to train it into the mighty Salamence. You may also pick a starter from this region (Kalos)  and one from the original Pokemon region (Kanto). There is a game breaking bug in the game right now. If you save on the outer regions of Luimose City your save file will be corrupted. Here is a chart map showing where you can and cannot save. Nintendo has issued an official statement that they are working on a fix and it will be available through the Nintendo E-Shop.

These changes remind me of how Oedipus from Greek mythology of how he changed from a king to the lowest, a beggar. After this he starts to become something else, learning humility. He evolved during this time and became a different man that he was before. The man Oedipus is not as arrogant as he was before. The changes are enormous and he becomes a little humble from his experiences. He changed much like Pokemon has over the years.




One thought on “Pokemon… the new generation

  1. Way to incorporate Greek mythology into defining the changes made to Pokemon. I find it a rather apt comparison! This newest game is great fun and a great evolutionary entry into the Pokemon franchise.

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