Expecting the Unexpected

Life is full of twists and turns and while some people may try to change this but it’s common knowledge that not everything goes your way.

Recently, the Great ShakeOut¬† drills took place in areas all over the United States, including my own school. In class last week I was able to once again be shown that everything can’t go my way,¬† as I walked in the room I immediately realized there was a substitute in the place of my teacher which I couldn’t help but take a tiny bit of joy in but already things have gone off schedule. What really taught me a lesson however was that I had forgotten there was supposed to be an earthquake drill that day and came ill prepared. After a quick routine our substitute instructed us to go out to an area near the cafeteria but as soon as I walked out, I noticed everybody was taking out their books or iPods to pass along the time during the drill, unfortunately my brain had chosen that day to forget both my phone and books back at home. Now I must say that must have been the most excruciatingly long thirty minutes of my life simply doing nothing.

What I learned that day and what I want to share with you especially is that while things can’t go your way all the time, it’s up to you to be able to prepare yourself for those random occurrences just like how earthquake drills are meant to prepare you for earthquakes that can happen at anytime. So when you feel like your life is a jumbled up mess, always remember that expecting the unexpected is the key to getting yourself back on track.




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