“Celebrity Fan Girl Stalker Syndrome” vs. Paparazzi

As people who are interested in our fellow actors and actresses, musicians… including the cutest boy bands, and celebrities of all kinds, it is instinct to know the latest gossip of their daily lives.  I mean, why would you not want to know what Harry Styles or James Franco ate for breakfast?  Or who they are in a relationship with?  Is it horrible?  You tell me.  But I will admit, with no shame, that I have been a victim (and still am) of the “celebrity fan girl stalker syndrome.”

What is the “celebrity fan girl stalker syndrome?” The title states it all.  You are a fan girl (or boy) of a celebrity and you stalk them through social media. It is real simple, and everyone does it, do they not?

With great technology and an increase in social networking, it is quite difficult to not know what a celebrity is doing.  Basically all, if not most, have Twitter accounts, Instagram profiles, and Facebook pages.  Through these websites, celebrities are updating the whole world about what is on their mind, where they are at, who they are hanging with, and etc.  They are giving the world insight into their lives at their choice.  Therefore, it is nearly impossible to not know what your favorite celebrities are doing, and honestly, there is absolutely nothing wrong with knowing the occurrences in their daily lives.

Ellen DeGeneres’s most recent post on Instagram 


These celebrities are updating their FANS.  These fans are the backbone and support for many celebrities, and without such fans, many would not have risen to their utmost successful point.  Many of these individuals are thankful for their fans, and social networking sites enable them to connect with each and every follower.

However, there is a difference between an individual who follows a celebrity because they admire their acting, music, looks ;), and etc. and an individual who follows a celebrity for entertainment news.  Known as paparazzi, these individuals legitimately stalk a celebrity.  No, I am not talking about the stalking where you keep up to date with their tweets.  I am talking about the stalking where the person actually follows the celebrity to a restaurant, a vacation trip, and even their homes.  This is an invasion of privacy, and I am shocked at how the Paparazzi business is not illegal.

Take for example the Jonas Brothers.  If you have not known, the Jonas Brothers have had some complications recently, and rumors say they will be breaking up (which is heartbreaking because they were my childhood boy band).  As a result, Joe Jonas was confronted by a paparazzi a couple days ago and here is what happened:

To read more about the Jonas Brothers click here:

I understand the paparazzi was doing his job, but the way he approached Joe Jonas and how he spoke to him was rude and disrespectful.  The Jonas Brothers are especially in a hard time right now.  They need their privacy and time to work things out.  Not paparazzi’s following them around and asking questions.  Yes, celebrities enter the entertainment business expecting paparazzi, false rumors, and etc.  But, when a celebrity is in a complicated situation, it is vital they have their space.

As fans, we need to give them the privacy, time, and support in finding a solution.  If the Jonas Brothers break up, they break up.  We just need to hope the best for their futures and support them along the way.

Privacy is undervalued in America, it is true.  Not only does it apply to celebrities, but it also applies to citizens.  Social media, government mandating, and other factors invade our online privacy.  Chris talks of these in his RIP Online Privacy post which can be read here:


So, check list!

  1. Is it okay to have “celebrity fan girl stalker syndrome?” YES it is! Do not worry, everybody does it!
  2. Are paparazzi’s doing what is right?  In my opinion, I believe the paparazzi are strongly invading a celebrities privacy, and they should give the celebrities a break.  What do you believe?  Comment below!
  3. Are the Jonas Brothers going to be okay? Hopefully!  I have faith they will work their problems out.  We just need to give them support and love!
  4. Is privacy undervalued in America?  Yes, it is.  So we must be aware and keen in our actions.

That is it for tonight readers!  This is my take on privacy, and I hope to see you readers soon!




4 thoughts on ““Celebrity Fan Girl Stalker Syndrome” vs. Paparazzi

  1. Nowadays it’s so easy to forget that celebrities are people too; people who need privacy and space. Anyhow, I really enjoyed reading this post and I love that you addressed this subject so eloquently, Naomi!

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